The UNISON Ltd. was founded in 1989 as the private firm dealt with introduction to polish industry modern technology and products that allow modernize the production and the costs reduction. Within 18 years our customers in Poland have been all significant industrial branches, especially:

  • petrochemical industry,
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industry,
  • power industry,
  • food industry,
  • hard coal-mining industry,
  • steel industry and non-ferrous metallurgy.

Our offer is subject:

  • the modern, asbestos free packing gland used in pumps, valves and chemical apparatus. Packing can be woven of Teflon, carbon, aramidic or synthetic fibers. Our production plant, situated in south part of Poland, is a holder of ISO 9000 certificate.
  • the modern, asbestos free flat jointing to flange jointing and particularly:
    • spiralwound gaskets,
    • metalplastic gaskets,
    • cut gaskets from asbestos free or graphite cardboard,
    • cut gaskets from heat-insulating cardboard.

All goods are performed at our plant production and hold the ISO 9000 certificate.

  • the modern mechanical seals to pumps - the offer is subject to the most of used polish or foreign pumps - the plant is a holder of ISO 9000 certificate,
  • the industrial pumps produced in polish pump works designed to petrochemistry, chemistry, mining, power industry and more other uses.
    Pumps are also sold on the European and American markets,
  • we perform chemical resistance linings made of plastic, id. PP, PE, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP, MFA, PFA inside the pipelines and industrial tanks.

All of offered products services are produced in polish industrial plants and are the modern products adapted to polish or foreign receiver needs, especially from West Europe and America. They are produced by means of modern machines, in accordance with the latest technology, what confirms holding the ISO 9000 certificate, which is an assurance of the highest, repeatable quality, starting from a design stage till production process.

If you require offer in detail we are able to answer, within few days, any additional questions you may ask. We could organize meeting in Poland in our chosen plants so that present you their possibilities and especially technology advance grade and care of high quality.

Our firm could look after supplies of products and technologies that actually don't posses in our basic offer. Since we've existed on polish market for 18 years we know products offered by polish industry, so we're able to present you the best offer both from quality side and price side.

Hoping our offer will be interesting for you and to be able to establish contacts, satisfying both of business sides.

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